WP Gutenberg Shortcut Kit Review

WordPress Gutenberg Shortcut Kit

WP Gutenberg Shortcut Kit is the newest training kit for internet marketers that will help most people that facing the lack of actionable and easy to follow instruction in the evolution of the default WordPress page builder.

It doesn’t matter if you are ‘technically challenged’. With these step-by-step video guides, it will be going to give you a genuine true, complete blueprint literally for anybody with no matter the experience or skill level can understand and used to master the power of the new evolution of WordPress Gutenberg Editor.

WP Gutenberg Shortcut Kit Review

WP Gutenberg Shortcut Kit Review – This training kit includes:

Module 1 – Gutenberg The Default WordPress Editor
1 – Why WordPress Decided To Change To Gutenberg
2 – The Differences Between Classic And New Block Editor
3 – Familiar With Gutenberg User Interface
4 – Gutenberg Main Tools And Sidebar

Module 2 – More Gutenberg Tools & Options
5 – Understanding View Feature
6 – Understanding Editor Feature
7 – Understanding Plugins Feature
8 – Understanding Tools Feature
9 – Understanding Options Feature

Module 3 – Creating Post & Page Using Blocks
10 – Understanding Title Block
11 – Understanding Block Inline Toolbar
12 – Understanding Block Settings
13 – Creating Your First Page With Gutenberg

Module 4 – Basic Gutenberg Blocks Mastery
14 – Shortcuts To Speed Up Your Content Creation
15 – Converting Classic Content To Gutenberg
16 – Easiest Way To Add Image With Gutenberg
17 – Easiest Way To Add Links With Gutenberg
18 – Creating Clickable Table Of Contents Jump Links Part 1
19 – Creating Clickable Table Of Contents Jump Links Part 2

Module 5 – Advanced Gutenberg Blocks Mastery
20 – How To Use Group Block With Tips And Tricks
21 – Columns Block Basics Settings Part 1 (Correct Column Settings)
22 – Columns Block Basics Settings Part 2 (Deeper Sidebar Settings)
23 – Columns Block Basics Settings Part 3 (Wide Width & Full Width Settings)
24 – Columns Block Basics Settings Part 4 (Responsive Mobile & Tablet Test)
25 – Columns Block Advanced (Combining Columns & Blocks)
26 – Cover Block Basic
27 – Cover Block Advanced Designs

Module 6 – Reusable Blocks & Templates
28 – How To Create Reusable Blocks
29 – Do’s & Don’t’s Editing Reusable Blocks
30 – How To Create Reusable Template
31 – Reusable Blocks Management With Tips & Tricks

Module 7 – Gutenberg Custom CSS
32 – Advanced Section Custom CSS (WordPress Customizer)
33 – Advanced Section Custom CSS (Background Color & Hover Color)
34 – Advanced Section Custom CSS (Images Bounce)
35 – Using Hard Code To Styles Our Theme.
36 – Easiest Methods To Customize CSS For FREE

Module 8 – Bonus Course Updates
37 – Best Third-Party Gutenberg Blocks Add-On
38 – Best Lightweight Themes With Gutenberg
39 – Any Future Updates, Coming Soon…

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Site Speed Issue
As for better SEO ranking, you need a faster site speed then your compatitors website. Website build by the traditional bloated page builder will have a heavy loading time and low site speed score. By using the lightweight Gutenberg to build your website will easily boost up your site speed score reading for better and faster user experience on your website.

Compatibility Issues
Worrying about the compatibility issues for your current theme & plugins functions? This course will lead you how to convert your site to Gutenberg without losing your current theme & plugins functions. Due to the evolution of WordPress, Gutenberg is getting better and better to fix every on going & future compatibility issues.

Sudden Steep Learning Curve
Gutenberg editor not always intuitive to use. Perhaps you’ve tried to use it but didn’t quite get it, or you’re not sure how all the blocks and settings work. One of the most common complaints has been that people felt they had no choice and Gutenberg was pushed on them and hard to use. Not anymore! with this course you will master Gutenberg in the shortest time. The future of WordPress Is Gutenberg.

Future Career Path
WordPress’ skill is essential & on-demand for freelancers or entrepreneurs who want to start your own online business anything like content writer, web designer, ads marketing agency, developer, affiliate marketing, etc.

Save Your Money
Save your money from expensive & bloated page builders, they not only make your website heavier to consume more storage space and resources, and also make your page loading time to increase by running unnecessary scripts. Gutenberg is FREE & have tons of third-party plugins that can be use together without any issue, and you will have full control which to choose from.

WP Gutenberg Shortcut Kit Is Suitable For Everyone Using WordPress & Best For Any Of These Below

  • Freelancers who want to start a business as web content writers
  • Any web designer looking for a more advanced editor for better professional web designing
  • ‘WordPress’ users who want to learn how to use the Gutenberg editor
  • Any Individual who are looking for essential skill for your career path
  • Any individual who want to stay away from expensive & bloated old school page builder
  • ‘WordPress’ users who want to have faster site speed for better SEO ranking

WP Gutenberg Shortcut Kit Review – Bonuses

FAST-ACTION BONUS #1: The Ultimate Guide To Speed Up Your Website Speed And Performance

This course included 9 Step-By-Step video tutorials’ section that will show you the tools, techniques and the top tips to finally succeed and get results! You will understand how to speed up your website and performance even if you are a beginner.

These videos will give you that unfair advantage and help you finally breakthrough, so you can get results starting as soon as you finish watching the videos!

(Value $47) YOURS FREE

FAST-ACTION BONUS #2: 3-Day Actionable Roadmap (WP Gutenberg Shortcut Kit UPSELL)

This is the UPSELL course for WP Gutenberg Shortcut Kit price at $27 USD. Because I want to make this course more than just a course, I decided to include this UPSELL for FREE until… I don’t know when…

3-day actionable roadmap is a must-have add-on training kit that will lead you to get your hand dirty and apply the actual actionable groundwork step-by-step and will bring you from Gutenberg Zero to Hero on what you have learned in WP Gutenberg Shortcut Kit.

+PLUS you will get FREE ACCESS for all the future updates of this course because things change fast & you will get the most up-to-date information

(Value $47) YOURS FREE

FAST-ACTION BONUS #3: Site Scan & Audit For Page Speed Optimization

I will perform FREE scan & audit for your website. (Refer to instruction in this BONUS)

1. Do speed-testing and diagnosis to check queries & find bottlenecks of your website
2. Audit web hosting & server ability
3. Then generate a summary & provide you with the best speed-up strategy & suggest other optimizations you can do.

(Value $97) YOURS FREE


Item #1: WP Gutenberg Shortcut Kit Video Course (Value $47 USD)

Item #2: FAST-ACTION BONUS – The Ultimate Guide To Speed Up Your Website Speed And Performance (Value $47 USD)

Item #3: FAST-ACTION BONUS – 3-Day Actionable Roadmap (WP Gutenberg Shortcut Kit UPSELL) (Value $47 USD)

Item #4: FAST-ACTION BONUS – Site Scan & Audit For Page Speed Optimization (Value $97 USD)

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