Best niche for blogging with low competition in 2022

Renewable energy / Recycling waste (Competition : Low)

The near future will bring a wide range of discussions on renewable energy. You can choose to focus on this subject.

Teaching Language and Music (Competition: Low)

To become a successful blogger, it is important to write about something where others can’t. So teaching language and music is a niche where you will get less competition.

Entertainment Niche (Competition: Low)

The entertainment niche deals with all things related to entertainment. It’s a great niche to create a blog about if you have a passion for things like TV shows, music, and sports.

RPG & Table Top games

Do you wish to publish 300 words article and get 3000 visitors to your blog each month? RPGs are becoming more popular these times.

Lifestyle blogs

The niche of lifestyle is popular, and there is no rule. It covers anything that has related to the everyday lifestyle.

Art & DIY

The art field lets you express your creativity and your imagination to a wider audience.

Anime and Manga

It’s awesome! Many of these anime sites have had a ton of traffic.