The Dog Stop Franklinton Review

The Dog Stop Franklinton, Ohio, location offers luxurious dog boarding facilities as well as a social and interactive daycare facility Spa-like grooming for dogs, a relaxing retreat, holistic store, and so much more. Our 12,000+ square feet outdoor and indoor facility is able to meet the needs of every dog. If it’s running around after balls, playing with friends, or just taking time to relax, your pet will be happy!

The Dog Stop Franklinton Review

The Dog Stop Franklinton Services and Pricing

Services in the dog stop franklinton are Grooming, Daycare, Boarding, Enrichment and Retail.

Dog Grooming

We are the Dog Stop(r) We’ve created a tranquil spa-like, stress-free environment where professional groomers pamper you dog with a range of services. The Dog Stop(r) offers grooming services that include full-service and baths, as well as treatments for shed reduction such as teeth brushing and nail trimming or nail grinds, and many more. Our groomers are kind and caring and have expertise with a wide range of grooming and cuts. Your comfort and the safety of your dog is our top priority!

Full-Service Dog Groom

Included are a relaxing shampoo haircut with a blow-dry, ears examined and cleaned, nails cut and checked for anal glands and an anal glands check, and a bandana.Prices begin at $65 and up.*

Full-Service Bath

Shampoo is soothing, with blow-dry and nail trim ears, ear cleaning and checked and the anal glands are checked.
Prices start at just $30 for small dogs, and $40 for large dogs.

  • You can also add a bath for your fleas for an additional $12
  • Include a de-shedding treatment starting at $22

Please note that prices may rise due to the state of coat, behaviour and scissor cuts. elimination of feces.

Individual Services

Nail Grind Included: Grinding down nails using a the use of a special tool. $18
Quick Trim It’s a simple trimming of nails. $15

Dog Daycare

Your dog is a lover of playing and play, but you might not have the time or energy allow your dog to get the physical exercise it needs. Dogs who are engaged in daily exercise are happier, less stressed and healthier! Being able interact with other dogs is an excellent way to develop social abilities for dogs of all ages. Here at the Dog Stop, we focus on providing your pet with four spacious indoor play areas and one outdoor play space. They are both supervised constantly by a pet partner.

Dog daycares are split by the type of play, age size, energy level, and age So your dog will have a fun-filled playgroup that is personalised to your pet! The dogs get organized activities like games, puzzles, and time with a one-on-one if you request. The puppies also have the option to lie down and unwind to eat lunch upon request of their parents. We have a wide Dog Stop Delights menu for treats, toys and fun activities to take advantage of during their leisure time. We strive to ensure that each of our guests are entertained physically and mentally while at our facility.

Dog Daycare Rates

Single DayPer Additional Dog
Full Day (Over 6 hours)$32$24
Half Day (Up to 6 hours)$22$18

Dog Boarding

The dog Stop is open 24 hours every year to ensure that your dog secure and safe even when you’re away. Enjoy an all-inclusive staycation with The dog Stop(r)! The boarding package includes bedding, room bowls, bowls for medications, as well as a whole day of playtime at our outdoor and indoor play areas as needed. The most luxurious suites and dog boarding options are also available for those who wish to improve their pet’s stay to the next level! No matter what size, age or breed, we will provide a safe and secure environment for your pet that gives them the feel of being at home away from home.

Dog Boarding Rates

Standard KennelLuxury Kennel
1st Dog$49$59
2 Dogs$88$108
3 Dogs$127$157
Pooph Reviews: Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator
Pooph Reviews: Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator


Our enrichment services provide mental stimulation that complements the physical workout of group interactions. Activities for enrichment are ideal for dogs who aren’t social, those with physical limitations, or dogs who require more than the standard daycare services. The enrichment programs vary based on the location and can include treadmill exercises training for balance and strength as well as agility obstacle training color and shape recognition and even object matching. Check out the video collection to learn the effects of enrichment when it is in use!

Individual Enrichment Sessions

15-minute session of enrichment for $15.

It must be picked up/dropped off within 30 mins of appointment time. It is possible to use it as a supplement to boarders.

30 minutes of enrichment for $20.

It must be picked up/dropped off within 30 minutes of the scheduled time. It is possible to use it as a supplement to boarders.

Enrichment Daycare Packages

5-Day Enrichment Play: $90

Included is the cost of daycare.

10-Day Enrichment Play: $160

Included is the cost of daycare.


The dog Stop(r) is dedicated to providing products that keep your pets healthy and safe. Our store’s retail section is filled with high-end food items and supplements, as well as treats and chews, as well as toys. Each of the brands we sell has at least three stars. Many are grain- and gluten-free, easy to digest and some are made from human-grade ingredients. If you are looking for a product for senior dogs, puppies breeds, species, diets that are special or allergies We have the product you’re seeking. Experts in retail are on hand to assist you in choosing the best product to your pet. You can’t find what you’re searching for? Our experts can get it for you!

Visit us today to find out what you can find your furry friend!

Customer Reviews

At The Stop for Dogs Stop(r) We aim to be the best and ensure that our customers are happy. Don’t learn from us. Read what other dogs owners similar to you have to say!

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