Leadmints Review 2022 – Most Powerful Twitter Automation App

Leadmints Review – Twitter Marketing App

LeadMints Review

Leadmints Review – What is LeadMints?

LeadMints is a Twitter App That uses A.I. And a Pattern Automated Flow that mimics an Actual Human Tweet Schedule! 

You Can Schedule Your tweets for the Day, Week, even Month! 

Easy to Use and totally Simple to Understand this App gives you the ability to start growing your social presence on one the hottest Social media Platform for business right now! “Twitter”

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Leadmints Review – Features

Tweet & scheduled Tweet

You can Auto Tweet a photo, text and videos on your Twitter account with a tweet now or scheduled tweet Option

Auto Follow

You can also set up a Auto Follow before following any Twitter account who has hashtags, or by twitter screen name

Auto Unfollow

This App will set an auto unfriend on all your followings who you are following with additional options

Auto Like

The Auto Like feature will help you increase interactive likes with the option to use   hashtags, or twitter screen name

Auto Retweet

Retweets a public tweet by using a hashtag or twitter screen name. This feature is similar to hitting the retweet button against a tweet on the Twitter website or mobile app.

Search Tweets

How about Searching Tweets profiles by keyword. The tool can also returns a collection of relevant Tweets matching a specified query


Step By Step Video Training on how to Use Leadmints, plus you get access to awesome Bonuses that will enhance your Twitter Experience! 


Our Membership Area has a Community Based Platform for ideas and tips that’s shared within Our Team Members! It’s an Awesome experience because you Learn from each other!!

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Benefits of LeadMints

  • Auto Schedule Tweets
  • Per Made Content
  • Ask Questions File
  • Twitter Club
  • Auto Quiz
  • Pre Made Images

Why Should You Take A Look On LeadMints?

leadmints review

Twitter is still hot, and in 2022, it will explode.

Twitter is notably popular in the United States, where the Micro-Blogging service had a 73 million-strong readership as of July 2021. With 55.55 and 22.10 million users, Japan and India were ranked second and third, respectively.

Most Twitter brands send out an average of 0.86 tweets every day, with a median engagement of 0.048 percent… With LeadMints, increasing interaction is as simple as pressing a button.

They have different tips based on your niche for how to use LeadMints to organically grow your Twitter account. Simply set up everything inside the app and you’re ready to go.

How Does LeadMints Work?


LeadMints is your complete Twitter marketing solution. It helps you build your following, expand your Influence and engagement. It also can manage multiple accounts and schedule posts. Moreover, LeadMints helps to put your Twitter accounts on autopilot by attracting followers to your account even when you are asleep.

LeadMints Pricing: Front-end, OTOs/Upsells


What Makes The LeadMints Platform So Great?

  • Helps You Build Your Following
  • Expand Your Influence and engagement
  • It also can manage multiple accounts and schedule posts
  • Helps put your Twitter accounts on autopilot
  • Attracting followers to your account even when you are asleep

A complete Twitter Marketing App Bonus Package

Twitter Domination

Checklist and Planning

Learn How to Effectively engage Your Audience on Twitter Which is Uniquely Different From Facebook and Instagram

This Bonus comes with a Check List that keeps your Twitter Marketing on Schedule with a Detailed Planner

LeadMints Pros and Cons:


  • Just connect your Twitter account to LeadMints inside the Dashboard and you are in!
  • Creating Solid and Ethical Tweets.
  • The Most Powerful Twitter Search Feature
  • The Complete Solution For Your Twitter Marketing
  • Awesome Landing Pages to Capture Leads on Twitter.
  • Short learning curve!
  • Acquiring leads and clients with short tweets all on autopilot.
  • Track Your Progress using LeadMints analytics.
  • Customer Service is awesome!
  • Nice support team.
  • 14 days money-back guarantee.


  • Offer can be closed anytime
  • Price may increase near future

Twitter Profit Hacks

Learn How the Pro Twitter Marketers Work

Discover Smart and Simple Profit Hacks to Boost Conversions and Boost ROI! Learn from Creating the Correct Bio to the right Profile to Attract the right Audience And Much Much More…

Viral Quotes Rocket

Hundreds of Quotes and Graphics 

These are Pre-Done Images and Viral Quotes that are Copy and Paste Ready! you can Also used these for other Social Media Platforms to create a Solid Connection with your Audience and Also Grow you Social Media Awareness Organically 

My Verdict: LeadMints Review

LeadMints is the best Twitter marketing app in my opinion, and when combined with analytics and training, you can access a goldmine of opportunities.

Twitter is great for marketing! See the real results below:


It’s not simply a great piece of software!

Their subscription platform provides a comprehensive Twitter training area with PDFs, a forum, and resources to help you expand your brand, business, or influence naturally.

Whatever you’re doing, LeadMints can assist you in growing your Twitter following and social media list!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to Create a Twitter App?

No, just connect your Twitter account to LeadMints inside the Dashboard and your in! you can create a Twitter App for more features via Twitter

What is the main Feature?

Our Data Shows the Scheduler, You can use a Calendar Style feature to Pre-Schedule Tweets that will save you time and effort

Can I tweet Multiple Tweets in a day?

Yes! but be advised LeadMints is not a Spam tool, LeadMints is to be used Organically, We created the Platform to mimic regular tweets

Is there Auto Retweet?

Yes, You can respond to tweets with Pre-determine messages creating engagement and rappor

Is there a Money Back Guarantee ?

Yes…. even though you will love “LeadMints” you have a 14 Day Money Back But you can cancel at anytime.

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