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Product Name: Kibo Eclipse

Product Creator: Aiden Booth and Steve Clayton

Kibo Eclipse Price: $3,497 ( Or Four Equal Installments Of $997 )

Registration: Ongoing until 3 February

Free Training: Free Book & Live Training

Have you been searching for a better strategy to build a flourishing eCommerce store? Then the Kibo Eclipse program might be designed for you. You might also need to try it if you have already established your online store but find selling your products and services challenging. This Kibo Eclipse review will introduce you to the program, the creators, its component, and answer some of the commonly asked questions.

What is the Kibo Eclipse?


This eight-week online training program offers several components that you need to launch a successful online business. Apart from the software, the Kibo Eclipse program comes with a reliable user support system, DFY shortcuts, traffic sessions, a viable community, and many live online events.

The idea behind this program is to help people build their online stores by displaying products from various niches, driving more traffic, and choosing profitable products only. The Kibo Eclipse process originated from a Japanese retailer and it reduplicates a system that inculcates dropshipping technique on a high level.

The Kibo Eclipse system is better than the regular method because it eliminates the need for foreign suppliers. It also eliminates the need for market or niche research. Further, after enrolling in this program, you will not need Shopify or Amazon. It has eliminated the need for Facebook and Google ads or stocking expensive items. The chances of making huge profits are high because the competition level is very low and you can start selling within 24-48 hours after enrolling in the program.

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Who Are Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton?


Aiden Booth and Steve Clayton are the creators of the Kibo Eclipse training system. The two have worked for a long time in the internet marketing and eCommerce industries. Before developing the Kibo Eclipse training program, they had released other programs, including the Kibo Code and the Kibo Code Quantum, which were also a success. The two Kibo training systems helped people establish profitable eCommerce stores and make money online.

In addition to the Kibo systems, the two also developed various online training programs such as the 100K Factory, 7-Figure Cycle, and the Parallel Profits. Now, they have released the Kibo Eclipse, which uses a different approach.

Aidan Booth is an experienced online marketer with an established 8-figure company that focuses on affiliate marketing, eCommerce, small business marketing, software tools development, and coaching. Aidan claims that he values flexibility, financial freedom, and lifestyle. He has helped thousands of people launch online businesses and make millions.

Steve Clayton on the other hand is an expert internet marketer. Clayton worked as CFO of a company in the list of Fortune 500 companies before starting his online business. The job gave him a comfortable lifestyle but he did not get adequate time to spend with his family and friends. As a result, he opted to launch an online business.

How Does the System Work?

Kibo Eclipse allows you to establish your online shopping store in three easy steps. Here are the three steps.


Step 1: Activate the Profitable Products

In this step, you have to confirm the selection of products supplied from the United States. The offered software tool will help you do that easily. Furthermore, you do not have to base the selection of products on the market or niche. You just need to focus on profitable products.

After the product selection, you have to set up the done-for-you webstore. The revolutionary software will help you create your webstore logo and generate a unique domain name at no extra cost. The webstore you create will be primed for high conversions and huge profits.

The last thing in this step is the activation of the products and selling. You have to load all the products into the webstore. Unlike what you would expect with other webstore setup processes, there will be no need of adding images, sales copies, or descriptions. Every product you add will be live within 60 seconds.

Step 2: Generate Your Free Traffic and Sales

Kibo Eclipse allows you to generate hyper-targeted traffic from the Facebook marketplace at no cost. All you have to do is list your ten products and target the United States. After that, you will start making sales and counting profits.

Step 3: Multiply Your Marketplaces

Kibo Eclipse allows you to expand your marketplace and sell your list of winning products on various platforms. Further, you can add all the products to a secret marketplace, Google shopping, and Microsoft shopping.

What’s more, Kibo Eclipse allows you to exploit hyper-target social traffic at no cost and implement other sources of free traffic. You can further test the inexpensive paid traffic and build a profitable business.

Lastly, you can repeat the above three steps and test more products to get many winners. Remember to eliminate the losers after every testing.

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Components of the Kibo Eclipse Program

Kibo Eclipse is a collection of eight parts designed to provide you with online business growth ideas. Below are the eight components and how they come together to help you make money online.


Kibo Incubator

The Incubator is the first component of this system. This part will teach you how to create your eCommerce business within a short time. The real value of the information provided in this part is huge and you are likely to spend many hours going through it.

Kibo JumpStart

Kibo JumpStart consists of several ultra-comprehensive weekly training sessions with the two authors (Steven and Aidan) and other in-house eCommerce experts. The creators of this program will hold the sessions several times per week to help you establish a profitable online business and start making money within a short time. The sessions will help you move forward and make money within a short time.

Kibo HQ

Kibo HQ is a one-stop operations hub that will help you build, manage, and scale the online business. This module will essentially provide you with access to the infrastructure that took Steven and Aidan 12 months to establish. Therefore, you will accelerate the online business and make money within a few months. Moreover, you will have access to many features and elements, such as apps worth $1000.

Kibo Oracle

Kibo Oracle is the other component of Kibo Eclipse. The advanced software suite provides instant access to millions of products and allows the users to select the most profitable ones. Essentially, the software kit will help you analyze thousands of products within a few seconds and therefore save many hours or even days of hard research. Having been released in 2022, the Kibo Oracle is a new system and it will help you select profitable products from any specific niche or market.

Kibo Converters

This is a collection of software tools made to help online sellers convert their webstore visitors into customers. You will get access to the conversion tools immediately after joining the Kibo Eclipse program. The software tools will help you get more traffic, customers, and make more money. It will also motivate you to get started with online selling.

Kibo Socializer

Kibo Socializer allows the exploitation of viral social traffic pockets. Therefore, you will boost your online sales faster and easier. Kibo Socializer is designed to help increase sales and profits and enhance faster business growth.

Kibo Accelerators

This section is focused on scaling businesses with marketing strategies and more traffic. It might be all you need to establish a highly profitable online business within a few days.


This is a support system for the Kibo Eclipse system members. It allows the members to get help and assistance from the other members and a dedicated team of experts.

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Kibo 2023 Live Exclusive Online Event


This is a members-only live online event scheduled to happen in 2022. The registration for the event is ongoing and it will end on February 3, 2022. For that reason, you have to register as soon as possible if one of your goals in 2022 is to make money online.

The event will allow the members to meet, interact, and learn from many successful online business owners. By the end of the event, you will have acquired more knowledge and learned several deep tactics and secrets about establishing an eCommerce business.

According to the authors of the Kibo Eclipse system, you will manage to listen to what the experts in the e-commerce industry are saying and access the various methods and tricks they use to sell their products. In fact, the event may help you discover many profitable products that you might have never thought of. Even more, you will meet many students that have used the Eclipse Kibo system to establish their eCommerce business.

The Kibo Eclipse Bonuses

People who buy the Kibo Eclipse program will have access to three mutually exclusive bonuses. Here are the three bonuses.

Bonus #1: Social Selling Secrets

This bonus will help you drive more traffic to your webstore with the help of social platforms like TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. In other words, it will help you change your small online business into a seven-figure enterprise within a short time.

Bonus #2: Kibo Event Live Recordings

This bonus presents the students with live recordings of the two authors, guest speakers, and other experts from the inner circles. The bonus will help you produce content at your own pace and according to the requirements of your target customers.

Bonus #3: The Secret Mastermind

This bonus is available in the form of several workshops that offer new strategies, approaches, and formulas. The course provides the students with a better picture of the eCommerce sector through the formation of an advanced outline.

What is the Cost of the Kibo Eclipse?

The price of Kibo Eclipse stands at $3497. However, the creators have opened doors for people who would want to pay in installment. In addition to the single-payment option, you can choose the four-payment option, which requires you to pay $997 every 30 days. The single-payment option will help you save around $491.

The Kibo Eclipse Guarantee

The Kibo Eclipse program comes with a 30 days no-question money-back guarantee. That means you can ask for your money back if you do not get any good results within 30 days after purchase.

Kibo Eclipse Review: Conclusion

Kibo Eclipse offers many benefits. First, this program will help you develop a functional eCommerce website within a few minutes, and secondly, it will train you on how to choose products and market them successfully. It will further help you increase the traffic to your webstore and boost sales. The creators of this program have been working in the eCommerce industry for many years and they, therefore, know what it takes to establish a successful online business. Furthermore, they have been teaching people how to build and grow eCommerce businesses since the year 2013.

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Kibo Eclipse Review (2023)

As I already mentioned, the Kibo training was perfect for me. I had some prior knowledge and experience, so I was afraid it would be too basic for me. But I realized it just seemed basic because the instructions were so clear.

In the end, throughout the course, I managed to get detailed instructions and procedures on how to successfully build an online store, which I would definitely not have found out by myself.

The great time and cost-saver were all the free tools (products database, suppliers, images, descriptions, etc.) and the ready-made selling platform already included in the package.

Now, the Kibo Eclipse course is constructed of different modules which lead you step-by-step through all the processes you need to master.

You will learn:

  1. Basics of e-commerce business.
  2. Dropshipping basics (+ tips and tricks that will help you long-term).
  3. How to find the right product(s) (+free console + database included).
  4. How to find trusted domestic drop shipping companies (+free console + database included).
  5. How to build an online store (hosting, design, copywriting, UX, cart optimization, apps and components, payment processors, invoicing, optimization, etc) (+free platform included).
  6. How to define and target the right audience.
  7. How to engage and build trust with customers.
  8. How to advertise and retarget visitors through social networks.
  9. How to tap into free traffic and SEO (no advertising needed).
  10. How to automate the business process.
  11. And much more.

You also get live support, Q&A sessions, case studies, and lots of useful tips based on experience in each module, which you won’t find online otherwise.

I was amazed by the pool of knowledge and practical advice Kibo training offered. Each segment is packed with useful info, and I learned many things. I followed the procedures step by step, and I managed to build my own successful dropshipping business (I will present you the figures I am making later on).

But first, I also want to address some of the points you might not be aware of when enrolling in the course.

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