How To Play Videos on Apple Carplay Without Jailbreak?

How do you play videos on Apple CarPlay without jailbreak or using it could be equally dangerous while driving. While the functions provided by Apple CarPlay allow you to browse videos on your iOS device for a variety of things, like Google Maps, streaming video (Netflix as well as YouTube) isn’t allowed as it could increase the risk of becoming involved in an accident.

How To Play Videos on Apple Carplay Without Jailbreak?

If, however, you plan to just use CarPlay to stream videos while you’re at standby in your vehicle, there are some options you can employ to bypass this limitation.

How do I play YouTube videos on the Apple Carplay App without Jailbreaking?

You can Watch YouTube using apple carplay without jailbreaking with the iCarPlayDongle that can be purchased easily from the market. If you’re not able to purchase a car play dongle you can utilize a media box or use the videos using the third-party software.

How do I play YouTube videos on the Apple Carplay App without Jailbreaking?

Verifying if iCarPlay Dongle is compatible with your system

An excellent device that comes to thoughts when thinking on ways of playing different video streaming applications on Carplay’s display is the iCarPlayDongle. This device works flawlessly with cars which have been granted the OEM Wired-CarPlay certification. This includes several brands between the production dates of 2016-17 and the year 2020. This includes Dodge, BMW, Chevrolet, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz to mention just a few.

You might want to find out what your vehicle will work with iCarPlayDongle C, X, or Pro. If so you can go to its official website for the models it works with and the dates of manufacture of the vehicles it is compatible with.

Connecting the dongle with an appropriately compatible wired CarPlay can provide additional options, like switching the wired setup to wireless, without eliminating anything from the system. Utilizing the MirrorLink and AirPlay Mirroring feature it can display your preferred YouTube or other video on the screen of your CarPlay.

It’s not just that, it also allows streaming via video platforms to your phone. With this application, you are able to stream media on you USB USB flash drive. This makes it an excellent app to play media files on Apple’s Carplay.

How to make the iCarPlay Dongle App Useful on Your Car

For you to use the iCarPlayDongle application, you’ll need to make sure you have the iPhone 5 or a higher model , and the most current version of iOS. The app lets you play different kinds of audio and video files on the USB drive.

It is also possible to add wireless capabilities into the vehicle’s wiring CarPlay head unit, and also all the features of Siri via the auto’s integrated microphone firmware.

Mirroring functions allow the content from your phone to be displayed directly on your CarPlay display. The app lets you to view different streaming video services directly from your smartphone and then connect to the head unit of your vehicle. It also supports a variety of resolutions and sizes so you can select the size you prefer.

It’s not difficult to utilize it. iCarPlayDongle application It is possible to start by connecting it to a USB port. This is the place the port you connect your iPhone to connect to the cabled CarPlay interface. When you tap it, you’ll be able to see a brand new interface for the unit’s head.

Connect to your iPhone via wireless and play whatever video you’d like on the phone’s interface that has been updated.

Utilizing an Multimedia Box to Stream YouTube Content

The other method you can utilize is the Multimedia box that lets you allow you to play and access any videos from your smartphone. This is a gadget that, when connected to the car’s infotainment system allows you to play video via your smartphone. After inserting this box into your car’s system playing video is enabled on your car’s screen.

A Multimedia box you can access a variety of applications that include CarPlay applications that aren’t included on the informationtainment system as default. It’s an ideal idea to be aware the fact that Multimedia boxes aren’t official offerings made by Apple however, you can purchase one from the internet if are interested in.

The Multimedia box is equipped complete with Android OS which means you’ll require an active 4G SIM in order to use it.

After you’ve purchased the product then you will need to add the 4G SIM onto it in order to join the web. With the USB cord to connect it, you’ll need connect it to the stereo in your car. It will take a while until the system of the software comes and displays. Then, you will be able to locate the YouTube application by browsing the list of apps.

Sign in to your YouTube account and enter the appropriate information. That’s all you need to complete to start watching videos right now.

How to Watch Movies on Apple Carplay without Jailbreak?

Apple CarPlay does not natively allow movie playback due to reasons of safety. The primary goal on CarPlay is to give users the safety and security of your passengers when driving.

How to Watch Movies on Apple Carplay without Jailbreak?

There are a few applications that offer streaming video and audio which are compatible with CarPlay. These apps include:

  1. Netflix
  2. Amazon Prime Video
  3. Hulu
  4. Disney+
  5. YouTube
  6. Plex

To make use of these apps using CarPlay it is necessary to ensure they’re installed and downloaded on your iPhone. After installation you can follow these steps:

  1. Join to your iPhone to your car that is CarPlay-enabled.
  2. When you are on the CarPlay interface, click on the application you wish to make use of.
  3. Follow the instructions on screen to sign up and start streaming.

It is important to remember that although some video streaming apps can be compatible with CarPlay however, it’s not advised to stream videos while driving. Be sure to be safe driving.

How Do I Play Netflix videos on Carplay of Apple Without Jailbreaking?

You can view Netflix videos through device via Apple’s Carplay without jailbreaking it by making use of a third-party application like Carbridge or connecting to the platform through a Multimedia box. They are among the most simple and straightforward methods you can come across.

Be aware that it’s not advisable to stream videos while driving. Also, it is best to use the methods listed above to watch videos in the event that you are not in your vehicle.

How Do I Play Netflix videos on Carplay of Apple Without Jailbreaking?

Things To Consider Before installing the Carbridge App

When you’re deciding for connect Carbridge to your iPhone it is necessary to set certain settings you must modify to make way for your Carplay wireless adapter. The good thing is that it does not pose any problems and will rapidly adjust the car’s system.

Before installing Carbridge through Carbridge’s App Store it is necessary to do a few items. In the beginning, you must go to the Settings on your iPhone.

Once you’ve found this tab, you need to enter and search “General” within the settings menu that you’ll locate on the right side of the screen. As soon as you’re finished then you must launch App Refresh Background App Refresh to make sure it’s in ‘ON mode.

After that, verify that your car is equipped with Bluetooth connections and ensure that the connection is in place when you enter your car. If there’s no Bluetooth link, you may connect your smartphone to the stereo system of your car by using an USB wire.

Installing Carbridge

For an easy step-bystep procedure guideto the application from a third party first, turn your iPhone on and then switch on to your Safari browser. The search bar in the browser you can type in “” and hit the Enter key to go on the Carbridge website. On the homepage, you need to locate and click”Download Now. “Download Right Now” button.

A variety of choices will be displayed in the menu that follows which you need to select iOS after which you can download the app. The app is going to instantly install to your iPhone when it’s downloaded.

A message will display on the screen of your device once the installation is completed and asks you to download additional software to operate Carbridge effortlessly.

You can download the recommended apps , or not, as it is up to you, and the number of apps you would like to download.

After downloading CarBridge

After the app has been installed and downloaded on your device, it is time to start it. Once you have done this, enter the necessary Apple username and password in order to download the other applications suggested by Apple.

You can then begin to run CarBridge and check to see if it’s functioning as it should. If it is functioning just as it should, you can turn on the on-application switch. This will enable you to remove any downloaded apps following your CarBridge installation. Once you’ve completed the installation, you’ll be able to connect your iPhone as well as the car’s stereo system using the app.

It is now possible to effortlessly stream videos via Apple’s CarPlay.

Utilizing an Multimedia Box to Play Netflix Videos

If for some reason you’re not keen to download any third-party applications to stream the video content of your mobile There is also the option of using a multimedia box, also referred to by the name of an MMB. It will let you play Netflix videos without difficulty, but the process is different.

To utilize to use the MMB device, simply plug it into the car stereo to make it part of Carplay and then you’ll be able to enjoy videos without hassle.

It is necessary to attach the device to the car’s stereo via an appropriate cable. This could be either a Type C or a Type A or Type A, based on the type that is compatible with the.

After connecting it to the cable, start your Apple’s CarPlay. After that, scroll down on your screen until you navigate to the section “Apps” and press the option “More Apps.” You’ll be able to connect to Netflix after you type in the search bar and you will be able to play any video you wish via the platform.

How do you identify and fix issues that aren’t letting Apple’s Carplay play a video?

You can spot issues with the Apple’s CarPlay by looking for any bugs or glitches within the application. You could restart your system to resolve this issue, or, in the event of bugs, also ensure that you’ve got the latest version of your iOS software is up-to-date.


Downloading the Most Recent iOS Version: Method 1.

The issues with Apple’s CarPlay can impact more than simply watching videos. So, you should upgrade you iOS by using the Settings app on your smartphone and then clicking on the General tab.

From there, choose from the menu Software Updates that will allow you to search for possible updates to your phone’s system. On the phone’s screen you can tap the firmware file and you’ll be set.

Downloading the Most Recent iOS Version Method 2.

Try the second option if you are unable to upgrade your iOS with the method above. It starts by switching on the most recent version of iTunes on your computer and connecting your phone to a USB port connected to your computer via an USB wire. Switch off all running programs and programs before navigating to the “Summary” tab. Choose “Update,” and you have completed your task.


Are you able to play YouTube with Apple CarPlay?

The ability to watch YouTube or other video streaming services via CarPlay is not permitted by Apple because of safety concerns since drivers can be distracted when driving. 

There are numerous reasons to watch video content on CarPlay.
In such a scenario it is likely that all CarPlay equipped cars and iPhones are able to allow you to view YouTube via CarPlay using the methods that we have discussed previously regardless of jailbreak or not.

What is the best method to allow YouTube for CarPlay?

We’ve discussed alternatives to watching YouTube via Apple CarPlay, both have pros and pros and. If you are looking at the costs of jailbreaking, it is the most effective alternative to make it possible to use YouTube for CarPlay. It doesn’t require extra hardware purchase, but it may limit your access to making use of certain financial apps, such as the mobile-based banking app.

This limitation can be overcome by using the non-jailbreak application CarTube however, you might not be able update you iPhone to the most recent iOS versions, which could cause problems for certain users.

The primary benefit of the use of a hardware upgrade (CarPlay adapters) is that it can do the job with no modifications to the functionality of your iPhone and the options mentioned above can upgrade your CarPlay experience too by activating wireless CarPlay on compatible devices.

Because of this we recommend that you use the CarPlay adapter would be the most effective solution to allow YouTube for YouTube on Apple CarPlay.

Can I play YouTube Music on Apple Carplay?

Yes it is possible to play YouTube music with Apple CarPlay by opening the YouTube music app on your device , and connecting to your account. After that, you can launch the app from the CarPlay screen and browse your music playlists by using the navigation bar on the top.

Apple CarPlay isn’t able to provide support for traditional YouTube application, however, it is possible to still use YouTube music. This is possible when you’re a member of YouTube Music Premium and have the app running on either your iPad as well as iPhone.

His Secret Obsession


Is it true that Apple CarPlay allow YouTube as well as Netflix apps in its interface? It doesn’t, and with reasons that are legitimate; however this guide outlined various ways that can circumvent this restriction to stream videos on the parking lot using Multimedia boxes as well as third-party apps such as Carbridge. Here is a brief outline of the issues discussed within the guide:

  • It is possible to use the iCarPlayDongle device to connect any video platform in your car, provided that all hardware and software is compatible.
  • It is also possible to use the Multimedia box to create the phone and car stereo in order to play your movies.
  • Additionally, you can utilize an app from another company to watch your preferred video content such as Carbridge.
  • If Apple CarPlay seems to be malfunctioning reboot the system, and ensure you’re phone’s iOS is updated correctly.

Utilizing the methods mentioned above that you have learned, you are now able to effortlessly watch the videos you’d like in the car while you’re trapped in a parking space.

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