How to Jailbreak Ps2?

Are you looking for the easiest and fastest method of jailbreak PS2? If you have an unchanged PS2 console (No modchip, and no open access HDD boot (FreeMCBoot). This is the most straightforward method to jailbreak the PlayStation 2 system. It isn’t possible to unlock PS2 without a few things. PS2 system without having a few items, but you can jailbreak using a basic FAT32 Formatted USB drives.

How to Jailbreak Ps2?

Every PS2 can run FreeMCBoot without modification. If you own an PS2 small 9000 series console it isn’t possible to continue this post. Because FreeMCBoot was patched for the (SCPH-90001) the system. It is recommended to use Fortune. Fortune is a great alternative for you.

What do we require?

Requirement to jailbreaking ps2

  • Unmodified PS2 system
  • Genuine MagicGate 8MB memory card for PlayStation 2.
  • A USB drive
  • Laptop/PC
  • Blank DVD (Regular Single layer DVD)

Find the version of your DVD player.

It is important to know about free DVD boot. It is required to be transferred to certain models and so on according to the version of DVD player they are using.

  1. Turn on the PS2 system, but without game disk
  2. Triangle button
  3. Check DVD player version

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Check compatibility lists

You can determine you PS2 Model number by looking on the bottom or the back part of your PS2 system. Examine your PS2 model and the CD Player as well as the status. If it’s compatible, you can continue reading this article. The latest version is compatible with 3.11 along with 3.10 for these DVD player versions.

Be aware: Set English language prior to beginning your jailbreak procedure.

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How to Jailbreak a Ps2?

Follow the Steps given below to Jailbreak Ps2

  1. Download all the necessary files, which includes Prebuilt/FreeDVDBoot ISO (3.XX) in accordance with the DVD player version.
  2. Create a USB format using FAT32 (GUIFromat was recommanded).
  3. Download the FMCB folder zip file onto your computer’s screen and then place the result folder onto the USB root.
  4. Extract and open the OPL folder on your computer’s screen.
  5. Send OPNPS2LD.EFL file to the USB root.
  6. Run ImgBurn
  7. Click on Write Image File to the disk
  8. Choose the DVD drive you want to use.
  9. Browse and then select 3.XX ISO (Select lowest write speeds)
  10. Begin the burning ISO process.
  11. Connect disk to PS2 system, connect the USB drive as well as memory card.
  12. Visit the web browser (You’ll be able to see DVD)
  13. Select DVD (Congrats homebrew is on the go)
  14. Press O for the file browser and then press to open the mass
  15. Open FMCB folder.
  16. Select FMCBInstaller.elf
  17. Select Install from the FMCB menu
  18. Continue by choosing Yes
  19. Installation type: Normal
  20. Once the installation is completed, click OK, then quit the program. (Remove DVD, then return to the main menu)

How do I Install OPL on a PS2 system?

Follow the given Steps below to Jailbreak Ps2

  1. Go to the PS2 start menu.
  2. Select the ulanchELF
  3. Press O and then go to the mass folder.
  4. Press O and take a copy of OPNPS2LD.EFL
  5. Return to the previous screen by pressing the O on ..Then go to MC0/BOOTand press MC0/BOOT
  6. Press R1 and copy your file. Press R1 and paste your
  7. Restart the system and press the Select button to close. (Remove your USB drive , then start your PS2)
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Configure FreeMCBoot

  1. Visit the Free MCBoot Configurator
  2. Choose your button layout.
  3. Click on configure OSDSYS Options…
  4. Setup Item 3: HD Loader
  5. Name: OPL, Press back button to clear path 1 and 3.
  6. Navigate to path1 and press the the square button.
  7. Navigate to the MC0/BOOT/ then select OPNPS2LD.ELF
  8. Reboot the Main Menu and Save CNF onto the MC0 slot (make sure that your memory card is was plugged into the one slot).
  9. Refresh your the browser and look for OPL in the list.

required files to Download:

FMCB/FHDB InstallationerThe most recent OPL

Conclusion: I hope you found this article useful and have jailbroken on your PS2 system. You are welcome to post your comment in the comments section.

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