How to jailbreak Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite

The process of jailbreak Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite isn’t a good idea for anyone with a lighthearted however it lets you do more on your Switch to install a wide range of extra games (including numerous retro titles) to running non-official applications which add new features.

How to jailbreak Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite

But it’s certainly not without risks . You could make your Switch into a costly weight, and even invalidate your warranty in the process. If you’re up for it this is how you can jailbreak your Switch as well as our suggestions on how you can minimize the risk for your device.

Nintendo Switch Vs. Nintendo Switch Lite:

Nintendo Switch lite is more economical when compared to Nintendo Switch Lite. Nintendo Switch console. It’s because Nintendo Switch has the best screen resolution than Nintendo Switch Lite. In terms of battery life, Nintendo Switch Lite has more power than Nintendo Switch. So, Nintendo Switch Lite Lite version is a better option as opposed to that of Nintendo Switch console.

How to Jailbreak a Nintendo Switch?

There are many methods to jailbreak on your Nintendo Switch, but the most simple and popular choice for those who want to jailbreak their Nintendo Switch is to use the homebrew Launcher. This Homebrew Launcher was announced by hackers who attended the Chaos Communication Congress in Germany in December of 2017 and then made public a few after a few months.

How to Jailbreak a Nintendo Switch?

It’s perhaps the easiest method to jailbreak the Nintendo Switch, as it does not require an PC or Mac to alter your operating system. All you require is an laptop along with a microSD memory card along with you’ll need your Nintendo Switch! But there’s a caveat: Homebrew Launcher is only compatible with Switch software 3.0.0. Homebrew Launcher is only compatible with Switch software version 3.0.0 There is no intention to support earlier or more recent versions.

If your Switch runs software lower than 3.0.0 It is possible to upgrade to 3.0.0 with an actual copy of Pokken Tournament DX with the Cartridge Identification Number 000. Certain versions are marked 012 or 001 which will upgrade the software on your Switch to 3.0.1. If you do succeed in installing a more recent version of Switch firmware but you’re not happy with it, the good news is that it’s not possible to go back to an earlier version.

If the Nintendo Switch is running firmware 3.0.0 Then follow the steps below to jailbreak the device.

  1. Download the most recent version of the nx-hbmenu application on Github (3.3.0 in the date when this article was written).
  2. Copy hbmenu.nro into the root menu on the SD card.
  3. Connect your microSD card to the Nintendo Switch.
  4. Navigate to your Connection Settings and manually set up the DNS Server. When asked, enter the DNS address: and perform a test of your connection.
  5. Click ‘Install’.
  6. Restart your Nintendo Switch.
  7. Test another connection.
  8. Click ‘Run’.

If you see the number 2000-1337 when you look at your monitor, your installation was successful. The next step is to go into the menu Home, and click an Album button to navigate through your homebrew games and apps.

How to Jailbreak a Nintendo Switch Lite?

To jailbreak Nintendo Switch Lite, you must follow these steps,

  • Modify DNS setting to make use of Google.
  • Rooting via the menu hbmenu.
  • Through Softmodding Method.
How to Jailbreak a Nintendo Switch Lite?

1. Jailbreak Nintendo Switch Lite to Use Google

Following the steps in this article, you can access Google to search on the Nintendo Switch Lite. The steps are as follows,

  • Switch to you Nintendo Switch and connect to the internet.
  • From Nintendo Switch Lite Home, go to System Settings.
  • Then, go into The Internet choice and then navigate to the Internet Settings option.
  • Then, go towards your DNS Settings option and choose the option to change the setting from automatic and then to Manual.
  • On the DNS Primary, type 045.055.0142.122 and save it.
  • After that, choose from the Change to Bru DNS screen, then select continue with Google.

Following these steps, you’ve gained access to an access point to Google search engine installed on the Nintendo Switch, and you are able to use it to access games and apps in your games. You can also utilize the browser to connect to other websites.

2. How do I hack Nintendo Switch Lite by Rebooting using HBMmenu?

To restart the Nintendo Switch Lite use the menu hbmenu to access games that aren’t in the store of your Switch The instructions to follow are

  • Download NX-HBMmenu via Github on your computer or mobile.
  • Attach to an SD card to one of the devices and then move the file into an appropriate folder by giving it the name hbmenu.nro
  • Then, remove your SD card from the device and connect it onto you Nintendo Switch Lite device.
  • Enter the System Setting from the Nintendo Switch Lite home page.
  • Go towards The DNS setting option, choose it and switch the setting from automatic into manually.
  • On the DNS Primary, type and save it.
  • It is necessary to reboot the Nintendo Switch Lite device immediately.
  • On the Run tab If you see 2000-1337 it means that the program was successfully installed to the Nintendo device.

Once you have this, you can go about as you can on the Nintendo Switch Lite and can use all apps and games, even if they’re not on Nintendo’s Switch Store.

3. Jailbreak Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite via Softmodding Method

In this way you will need to exchange parts of the hardware from Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch with older versions or less expensive hardware components. This method are using a number of accessibilities and functions that come with you Nintendo Switch console. Additionally, this soft-molding process has some issues as well . This is because not being able to replace any of the hardware components isn’t an ideal idea. However, it allows you access your device’s performance. This process will erase all your data from the Nintendo Switch. Therefore, it is essential to backup your data on Nintendo Switch once you start the process.

How to Un-Jailbreak Nintendo Switch?

Two ways can be employed to get rid of jailbreaks for Nintendo Switch Lite; they are

  • Change DNS to Automatic.
  • Updating to the most recent Version.

How do I change the DNS setting to Auto?

Follow these easy steps to alter Your DNS configurations from manual automatic,

  • Switch onto you Nintendo Switch and connect to the internet.
  • From Nintendo Switch Lite Home, go to System Settings.
  • Then, go on the Internet option and then navigate through the Internet Settings option.
  • Then, go towards The DNS Settings option, then choose it, and then change it from manual to Automatic.
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How to Update Nintendo Switch to Latest Version?

To update Nintendo Switch Lite to the most recent version Follow the instructions that are provided.

  • Switch onto you Nintendo Switch and connect to the internet.
  • From Nintendo Switch Lite Home, go to System Settings.
  • Now go to System and tap on System Update.

If you’ve connected to an internet connection with high speed network, the Nintendo device will begin the process of updating.

When you Nintendo Switch Lite device gets into an error that causes it to stop functioning, we are not responsible as we are sharing the information which was obtained through other sites. It could or might not work. If you are unable to do it and difficult, then I suggest that you don’t attempt to jailbreak the Nintendo Switch Lite device, which is against Nintendo Terms and Conditions.


What’s the negatives from Jailbreaking Nintendo Switch Lite?

It’s against these terms and conditions set by Nintendo and Nintendo, and they are now replacing the device.

Your warranty may be void if you jailbreak the Nintendo console.

What is the Need to Jailbreak Nintendo Switch?

To play games not available on the Nintendo Store and to use the internet using your Nintendo Switch it is necessary to jailbreak it.

Does Jailbreak Cause Issues for Your Nintendo Switch?

After Jailbreaking you are unable to get any warranty at the time you purchase the Nintendo Switch. When you upgrade to the most current version on Nintendo Switch lite Nintendo Switch lite, the Jailbreak may be shut down.

Why Should I Jailbreak Nintendo Switch Lite?

If you are looking to play games not accessible on Switch Store, then you must Jailbreak to the Nintendo Switch OS. Through Jailbreaking, you gain access to
Use Google
Download and Use apps not available in Switch store. Switch stores.

Is it Possible to Jailbreak Nintendo Switch Lite?

The possibility of jailbreaking Your Nintendo Switch Lite version is feasible, and comes with some risks. However, the latest versions, such as V2 and earlier versions will require an external dongle in the event of a change. If you want to utilize one of the features of your Nintendo online. In the meantime, you need to install the most current system update and jailbreaking is like breaking the bricks of the wall. Therefore, before breaking ensure the same thing while trying.

What are the dangers that come with hacking my Switch?

The most significant risk associated with using jailbreaks on the Nintendo Switch is bricking. While there aren’t too many instances of jailbreaks causing bricks to your Nintendo Switch system, it could happen because the majority of jailbreaks alter your operating system a way. Jailbreaking also violates Nintendo’s T&Cs. If you do damage the console Nintendo will not be replacing it.

If you jailbreak Your Nintendo Switch will void the warranty, but we’re not certain whether there’s a method for Nintendo to determine if the console is jailbroken besides visually inspecting it.

Because of the issues discussed in the previous paragraph, we would not suggest jailbreaking your primary Nintendo Switch console.

Why do I need to hack my Switch?

For those who are new the jailbreaking world and aren’t sure what it is and how it works, let us explain that the process of jailbreaking an operating system gives access to a system that was not intended by the developers of operating systems. This allows for users to design and download their own custom applications and games to devices that would not normally be accessible.

For Nintendo Switch, jailbreaking is a possibility. Nintendo Switch, jailbreaking allows users to download unofficial Switch applications and games. Although the range of games available at the moment of writing isn’t a lot however, it’s still fairly new and provides people who are looking to go for it with the possibility of playing old games that aren’t officially available using the device. If you’re on looking for some new games to play, have a some time to look through the top Nintendo Switch games right now.

There are some dangers, however; keep reading to discover the things that could go wrong when you jailbreak the Nintendo Switch.

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