How to Hide a Page on a Website

Today each entrepreneur is engaged in marketing and advertising their products, which are vital part of any company. Without this, making a profit and increasing sales may be difficult. Therefore, to make profits and sales for car dealers, use of a website builder is necessary.

To achieve this to achieve this, the car website is used by business owners so that they can outdo the other businesses and boost their revenue and sales. The main issue is that everybody wants to be the top of the line or to be ranked high on Google search engine.

How to Hide a Page on a Website

It is important be aware of certain prerequisites and requirements for optimization which are required to rank on Google and also to block certain sites on website.

The shopping experience of your customers can be improved by hiding certain sites on This also assists to lead them to the next stage of the purchasing process, while avoiding any hassle.

What exactly is site all about? is the biggest automotive dealer online marketplace within the United States. It provides detailed details on car dealerships and vehicles, which include used and new vehicles motorbikes, trucks ATVs, boats and recreational vehicles that have the option of buying online.

The website doesn’t just offer information on dealerships, but also offers other services, such as financing for vehicles through third-party lenders or via the seller’s own finance options.

The website also provides the possibility of a virtual showroom of cars that are available to make it possible for users to see different kinds of vehicles using their homes phones or computers. Customers can also test the models prior to purchasing the vehicle at their local dealership with their dealer number.

Meaning of Dealer.Com and How Does It Work? is essentially a marketing tool. This assists car businesses in creating websites with content that is geared to increase incentives and improve engagement.

To advertise stocks on this site, you can create campaigns, banners for the homepage and websites that offer landing pages which are distinctive and also digital ads. lets you improve your search engine optimization and allows you to make use of social media accounts to protect your brand’s image and provide insight into your website’s performance. This is the primary and essential advantage of

With the help of the bidding platform that is real-time administrators can track the habits of visitors’ browsing and increase page traffic in real time on

You can also evaluate the impact of advertisements which have already been published and help you target customers to generate leads and retarget them. Companies can integrate the system with a variety of third-party software via offers integration to LiveChat, AutoLeadStar, TrueCar, CallSource, and others.

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Benefits of Hiding a Page

Hiding a webpage offers its own advantages and significance as one of the most reliable websites for car dealerships. Let’s take a look:

  1. It ensures that your website is neat and tidy by providing assistance. Because of this, Google bot indexing becomes simple and effective.
  2. It can help people avoid the problem of accidentally opening pages they’re not supposed to see such as, for instance, in the course of the sales department.
  3. It allows you to have more control over who can access to specific sections of your website which are located on websites of dealers.
  4. To stop people from accessing information that isn’t available to them.
  5. Protect users from gaining access to data that could be classified as sensitive or contain confidential information.
  6. To prevent information from being found by search engines, and to make it inaccessible to search engines.
  7. Hiding pages can enhance the efficiency of your website. By blocking pages that aren’t often visited, you can make sure that your website runs faster and responds better.

Step-by-Step guide to Hide a page on the Website

Hiding a page from is easy when you know how to find your way. Follow these steps:

1. Log in into the account you have created with account

You have to enter the correct username and password to sign into the system. But what is the next step if you forget your password for login? You don’t need to panic. To recover the password you have, all you need to do is click”Forgot Password.

Log in into the account you have created with

2. Go to the page you would like to remove from your site.

After you’ve successfully logged into your account, you can look for the page you wish to block. It could be a webpage of a product, or a vehicle that was previously sold. Be aware that you are able to look through our site and then select the page you would like to remove.

3. Scroll down until you’ll see “Page Visibility” and click to hide this page’s link.

The last step to hide an entire website is by clicking on the Hide This Page link. After that it’s been successfully removed.

Page visibility

If you’re unable to find this Hide this Page link, utilize your computer’s Ctrl and the keystroke. There will be a search bar which you can use to search to find Hide this Page. Hide this Page link. Click Save Changes to close.

It is necessary to enable the desktop website in your browser if you’re on mobile devices. To access the desktop page using Chrome click the three vertical dots that are commonly referred to as “more options. Then follow the instructions for the desktop above.

How to Hide the Social Media Icon on Dealer.Com

You could spend a few minutes to block social media icons from however, you shouldn’t because a large number of buyers be able to see them. To do this take these steps:

Social Media Icon
  • Visit and log in on your account.
  • Scroll down, and then click Settings.
  • Then, select to open the Social Media options.
  • You can now choose to select the icon you wish to show and which you do is not.


However, if you find that your icons for social media distract your clients, you can block them by disabling them from your HTML footers in your code. All you have to do is visit the settings, and then click on the option for Social Media. It will also assist users with the option of choosing the icons you would like to show or those you do not want to show. The process takes only some minutes and can help you create an attractive look for your business by using



Why should I choose to partner with

As offers measurable outcomes, more flexibility and greater consistency across our digital has proved to be a top partner in every way, when it comes to an efficient and user-friendly platform, or a well-oiled and experienced support team, and all of the analytics that are an added benefit. Therefore having a relationship with is good idea. It is possible to go ahead without doubt.

What exactly is

Dealer .com functions as a tool for digital marketing and one of the largest selling and buying platforms for used and new automobiles.

What languages .dealer is registered in?

You can register as an .dealer in a variety of languages. It is possible to register as in official languages from more than 180 countries and territories. It is all you need to do is look up your preferred language on

What .dealer domains can be used?

Dealer domains are appropriate for all kinds of things and are suitable for everything from electronics to automotive games jewelry, as well as other products sold by retailers.

How much do dealer domains cost?

There are one-time early fee for early bird .dealer domain registrations during period of priority registration prior to general availability. Prices for. Domains for dealers is $1,999 USD for the first year, and $2499 per calendar year for renewal.


We have also explained the best ways to hide a webpage on the web site. We also discussed the advantages that come with using and numerous other. Be sure to ensure that you’re concealing the correct pages. Because Google will stop indexing a webpage when you’ve hidden it the page won’t appear in Google results.

I hope that this article will be useful for you.

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